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HEALTH is derived from the Greek work “Hale” which means “Whole”. This can further be viewed as God has made you whole at birth and you are therefore born as perfect and pure as possible. Being “Whole”, being ‘Healthy” is being as you were born. Health is medically defined as a condition of optimum function and not merely the lack of disease, pain or illness. This can further be viewed as a condition in which you are working exactly and precisely as you were created to work.

The moment you begin to remove from the whole, you have less and, in fact, no longer have the whole. If you move away from the whole, you move away from health and towards disease. If you move away from the whole, you move away from health (VENUS-NON-CHIROPRACTIC PATIENTS). If you’re moving away from the whole you’re moving away from life and towards death.

However, the more time you work to get back to your natural state of optimum function, the more you move towards health (MARS-CHIROPRACTIC PATIENTS).

The Central Nervous System controls all life and function in the human. Abnormal position of the spine and Subluxation interfere with the Central Nerve System and takes away communication between your brain and your body. This brings you further and further from health the longer subluxations exist. Therefore, each adjustment brings you closer and closer to HEALTH.

(original article from Body by God)

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